robots are so fucking interesting to me. i mean what if we live in a world where people can in love with robots?

like the ethics behind humanizing robots is so interesting to me… we create robots that are capable of reciprocating love even though robots can’t actually form a human connection. what if its possible for robots to learn of anger and sadness and all those emotions? you know those science fiction movies where robots turn on you….if you guys have seen smart house on disney channel then you understand what i’m talking about. what if this could be the future? there is always a dark side to technology! what if we become so smart at our creations, that our creations outsmart us? isn’t that the point of a robot? to support us? to know what we need at the time we need it? it takes a certain level of technology to have robots to pick up on patterns that quickly and adapt. i mean, technically, robots are around us everywhere. you know, like those ads on the right side of your facebook that target your interests? that’s because the internet tracks what you like and picks up on your browsing patterns!!! i mean this is all just crazy thoughts right now BUT WHAT IF…..what if people fall in love with robots?! i mean i think that’s representational of humans in a way – we thrive for that connection, that look in someone’s eyes that matches a scrunch in a brow – robot constructers (what’s their occupation name?) can create that in a look! what if a romantic like me…could fall in love with a robot?! doesn’t that terrify you? it terrifies me! what if science can CREATE the love of your life? ISNT THAT TERRIFYING? robots that are understanding, that are loving, that are listening to each and every thing you say? robots that are inspiring, that are motivating…. YIKES! a robot that would always be able to adapt to your patterns through trial and error…. geez! this is a double-edged sword! what if robots and humans become indistinguishable?!!?


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