potassium and calcium

i trace my index finger down your back like i’m
scanning for a word on a page, and then i come across
a tension below your
right shoulder, i noticed there was not one, but
a crowd of muscle knots. i touched subtly
enough so that you did not feel any
pain, so that you did not know that i discovered
the most fragile part of your
body. i read somewhere that
muscles form knots after muscles have gone into
a spasm, i thought of your
frustration. a muscle knot is another term
for a muscle that stays flexed, i thought of
your inability to feel relaxed, your heightened anxiety.
when a muscle knot
becomes stuck in that tense state due to a
sedentary lifestyle, the muscles begin
to behave
abnormally, i thought of your
impulsivity. i thought of your
so i tiptoed my fingertips to try
and assuage your discomfort, the crowd
of muscle knots further stiffened
at the contact of such
care. it was then that i
learned it wasn’t the pressure
that startled you, it was the
tenderness. i cannot untie these knots for you, although i
tried very much so, do you recognize that
you’re in pain? i can only offer you
everyday love, will you
accept it? the kind you find on unmade
beds on a sunday
afternoon, the kind where two elbows
unexpectedly and gently meet at the

  1. Your writing leaves me wanting MORE!!!

    I’m happily addicted!


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