some overdue photos coming your way!

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1. rice-a-roni cooked with bacon and artichoke hearts! heh that’s how i rid of my leftovers! oh and those are blueberry streusel muffins

2. smoked sauage cooked with jalepenos! this is a homemade recipe from my mother. i use one pack of smoked sausage (the hillshire farm brand) and cut them into slices. i use one jalepeno pepper, but you might want to tailor how much to use depending on how spicy of a flavor you can handle. besides that, i have some chopped scallions and ginger! cook the jalepenos first to develop the flavor, and then add the white part of the scallions along with the ginger, then dump the sliced sausage into the pan and let it cook on medium! lastly, top it with the green part of the scallions! voila!

3. pad thai! :) mmmm this was mighty delicious! search up any basic pad thai recipe on google and it will closely match what i’ve made here!


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