“Ive finally stopped giving a fuck a few days ago about failing, i told myself id stop a while ago but like naturally i finally stopped a few days ago”
but you just cared a second back and lied to me about being drunk”
”i know because you’re different, you’re lucie”
i don’t know what that means”
“it means there are two categories in this world, well 3

1) everyone
2) lucie
3) whoever i marry

the thing is no matter who i talk to im aware of what im saying and they wont catch on to the little things so i just say whatever i know will work even though to my standards it’s not as good. not to sound conceited but its just the way i think. with you i know you’re not retarded. you’re really smart obviously if not smarter so i have to watch it and with you i can just be genuine and type it exactly how i wanna type it and youll get it”
“thank you for the compliment :) and it’s because i don’t judge you! and i remember who you are underneath it all and that’s what you come back to. so it doesn’t matter what you think and feel because i know that’s just in the moment”


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