Good Time by Owl City started to play on the radio. I shot a look at my brother, who also happened to shoot a look at me. And then we started lightly singing. That’s the best kind, where two people are calmly singing and in their own comfort zone, but it’s as if our two comfort zones touch at the edges. It’s how worlds begin to merge but remain distinctly separate. And the sun was setting. The sky is so alive in New Mexico – there’s a feeling to it, a texture. It’s as if the color palette has been splashed in the air. We’re up at such a high elevation here that the sky has dimension, it has…quality. There’s a story to it. The clouds look as if they’re reaching out to me, desiring company. And then as I was observing outside the window to the left of us, he said this particular window of this car makes him feel like he’s in an 80’s movie. I thought about it for a second, quirked my head, and said, “Yeah, it is sort of like that.”

And we sang, and we sat in silence. And we sang some more. And that’s the best: radio sing-a-longs.

And that’s the best kind of life: meaningful simplicity.


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