capturing the moment in a slurp

I went to go visit the boys’ house today of the job that I had quit previously and I was driving with Lane (the 8 year old boy) to Jamba Juice. On our way back, we’re sitting at the stoplight and he says, “I like to sip it and then keep the sip in my mouth so the taste lasts longer.” I tried it myself and thought, “huh, this is very meaningful. It’s like my relationships with people, or the symbols I find throughout my environment.” I viewed it as simultaneously a physical and emotional sensation. And that’s where all meaning is created for me – when something I see, hear, touch, smell, or taste matches an emotional hue for me. Everything meaningful is created in the moment. It’s very rarely derived from the past. This is how I experience synchronicity.

He then says, “and it still tastes the same.” And i chuckle and say, “yeah, it… does.” Because that’s what it’s all about, prolonging the experience, the meditative state of now, becoming acutely aware of what makes you happy. He then finishes off the topic with, “and it’s soft.”

It is. It is soft. And the world is so softening.

He and I ride the same wavelength together. We both find scattered meaning in this chaotic world through the simplest of things. Thank you for sharing that with me Lane.

  1. This post is beautiful! AND inspiring! It makes me want to take more time to listen, like actually listen to the rambling that my three year old daughter does every day, ALL day long!! Perhaps I might just find such a treasure amidst the jibber jabber!

    Thank you for sharing!

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