I once dated two notorious assholes,
and I wouldn’t say that if it weren’t
actually true, but I didn’t recognize
this at the time, or maybe I did, but
I was chasing love, I needed something
to validate my existence.
For simplicity’s sake, we will call them
ex-boyfriend one and
ex-boyfriend two.
Ex-boyfriend two told me that he
hated me for dating ex-boyfriend one,
because he was an asshole,
nobody liked him. I laugh
at this irony. One time, ex-boyfriend one
asked me why ex-boyfriend two
broke up with me. I said it was
because I didn’t trust him. Ex-boyfriend one
said he was sorry that he shaped me
into the girl I am today.
i am too.

They say for every relationship
that ends, you need the amount
of time equal to the length
of the relationship to heal.
Why is it that I haven’t
fully healed?

  1. I am like addicted to your blog if you haven’t noticed….lol I love this so much! I hope you don’t mind if I reblog it on my own blog

    • oh yes! of course i mind! your reblogging is forbidden unless you give me $10 and a free smoothie! pfff…..go ahead :) i am really honored that you love it so much that you have it displayed on your own blog! sending good vibes from me to you and have a happy happy weekend! :)

  2. the woman today who writes so honestly and beautifully was smart to realize these men were assholes. now it’s time to let go of the past. try and live for for today,the past is best left there and who knows what tomorrow will bring. Healing does take time, but don’t allow it to take too long or colour who you are. Blow it away..

    • thank you for your kind words! the thing about my mind is it changes mindsets – i can one day be so euphoric and so depressed the next, and everything changes with it. it’s like living in many worlds at a time. i can say that i definitely have not felt like this for a while, and that in general, i do not feel this way :) sometimes i get into slumps and the best way is to write it out! it’s like unchaining myself

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