I find that you…

I find that you have a really optimistic and healthy outlook on dealing with life and it is inspirational, admirable, and it is something I wish to do but don’t have your kind of patience. You choose to see the good in all things which I try to, but I always see the bad first because people are usually hedonistic… BUT you said that you think such thoughts as well you just don’t show it. I like that you like harmony and balance. It sounds very buddhist-like.

I have met two girls just like you and I don’t know why but girls like you have very attractive minds. I want to learn about you because you are so fascinating to me. So different and wonderful and great and rare. You aren’t like ditzy girls but confident, independent, kind, intelligent, and most of all OPTIMISTIC! You have this energy that makes the room brighter as soon as you walk in. And yet as much as I love the kind of person you are, I feel I will never understand your behavior. How can you be that positive? I just want to learn about you.


This is probably one of the best compliments I’ve received in a while. Today I’ve been in a rut. It’s only noon – it’s one of those days. One of those I wish I could back to sleep until I wake up feeling better kind of days. You know when you wake up and you curse the world? It’s like waking up with a hangover except without the wild night. My mom called me today and I didn’t want to hear anything she had to say. I didn’t want to hear how my brother has 2 C’s. I didn’t want to hear that he has aggression issues. I didn’t want to hear that he yells back to not only her, but also my dad. I didn’t want to talk about the jobs I applied for, the one I quit, the London trip that has been canceled.

Today, everything annoys me. I’d like a beer, or two, or maybe three. I am deeply frustrated by humanity’s inability to intellectualize simple concepts. Today I have no time to try and understand these emotions, to feel the calamity that was here just yesterday. Is this a dream? No, it’s real life. I feel like Charles Bukowski.

And although reading other portions of this email was aggravating, this was wonderful to come across. I’ve never been called as having an “attractive mind” before, and it dazzles me that someone would think something like that. Often times I don’t think I’m intelligent, but everyone doesn’t hesitate to assure me otherwise. Thank you, kind stranger :)


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