random thoughts about consciousness

you are not a piece of this universe, you are the universe. you are part of the interconnection that which surrounds you.

we live in a world where we treasure differences. we look at people and the first thing we think of is how we are in comparison to them. is this person smarter than me, prettier than me, happier than me, richer than me, and so forth. and these thoughts trickle to the next thought: how do i react to them? we create this dichotomy between satisfaction and dissatisfaction when we place everyone in categories in relation to our lives. we must recognize that we are all unique individuals and that we are one unique entity without having to consider one’s competence and role in society. too often do i notice that what people find unique in others and themselves creates a separation rather than a connection. when we do this, we think in forms of “i” in accordance to “them” rather than “us.” it’s important to understand that there is no “other” that this is just a concept created and highly emphasized in the western culture. we tie ourselves to the idea of “the self” instead of seeing that the body which we have been given is not by a means to separate us from our surroundings, but just our physical form and where our consciousness collects. the way we say anything is the way we say everything. when we use words that separate us from everything around us, we tend to personalize our point of view, it’s become linearly directed, when in reality, life is connected through a vast web, and it’s hard to even determine whether causality exists, but we can certainly try.

i often say you must love people separate from you, but that’s because people generally love others for what they can provide them. but in essence, we must love people as part of us, with all that we can. we must love the world in others like the world in ourselves and let these two worlds coalesce. not only must we recognize the beauty within others, but we must recognize that the beauty in this world coexists with one another. we cannot simply adore others from afar, to love in fleeting moments is to not love at all. to understand quantum physics and spirituality is to understand everything. to understand everything is to understand the essence of essence itself. it does not connote why essence is the way it is, it does not connote the act of breaking down its components to understand each part. essence is far too complex to even begin and understand its roots. to understand everything is to accept everything without a second guess. to understand everything is to rid yourself of that chattering voice in your head that must find the answers. to understand is to be.

we cannot force this understanding, we cannot understand this type of awareness through action, through words, through context. like all things, it must happen naturally. we must allow this understanding to seep in gently, trustingly, seductively. the fundamental foundation to understanding itself is letting go of the idea that you exist separately from this world. to be alone is to let yourself further feel more misunderstood by the lack of connectivity that still remains dormant in your soul. when you distant yourself, it is much harder to recognize the liberation that complements such understanding, you can only glimpse at it, if you’re that lucky.

to recognize that life is a reflection, a mirror, is part and parcel to seeing that everything relates to one another, that dependency exists, that, metaphorically, cohabitation exists among us all.
to share the experience, not isolate the moment.
to see the symmetry that is in you that is in me that is in the universe.
to not feel oblique, to instead feel the compassion.

when we lean towards science, we’ll see that modern science has been further veering more and more towards what ancient beliefs, what the use of recreational drugs, what philosophy, religion, and spirituality have been trying to get across: unity.

we are energy. we are vibrations bouncing off of each other. we are part of a vast sea of love, of intelligence, of thought, of existence.

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