peter pan complex

life is all about adventure, all about good ideas, building one from another and then integrating it all. life is about smiles, life is about loving yourself, about that moment when you look in the mirror and mutter to yourself a personal love sonnet. life is about midnight drives. it’s the emotions that push us. the emotions that have us falling in love with absolutely anything, absolutely everything. life is one romantic getaway in order to escape the 9-6 mundane routine. life is the distance between the end of this chapter and the beginning of the next one. life is one big question, and you discover the answer by living it. life is you by my side. life is complex, so let’s keep it simple. life is looking forward to tomorrow. life is sudden awareness of the beauty that which surrounds you. life is one rebellious act. life is all about bending the rules – that’s where all the fun begins. everything is illegal only if you’re caught. life is a mystery book, are we the misfits or the detectives? life is the oncoming headache from how much you’ve been laughing. life is childish, life is a fantasy. 


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