Learn to let go. Learn to let go, or you will always feel the weight of the world on your shoulders. Learn to feel lightly, like the sunshine peering out from a foggy day, or the breath of fresh air after feeling confined in a claustrophobic room. Learn to go with the flow. It’s perfectly okay to not understand, to feel too deeply, to feel too much muchness, because as long as we let the feelings lightly soar through us, then we let the lightness happen to us. You must touch lightly, speak lightly, look lightly, walk lightly. Lightly, one step at a time, lightly, lightly. Kid, you must know that there are always people in the world who do not mean well in the world at least through your eyes, but they are simply just protecting themselves, whether they directly or indirectly intend to hurt others.  You must not personalize people’s weaknesses. People who can’t accept you in their life simply represent a part of themselves that they cannot face. And until they can face that aspect of themselves, they will not be able to face you. You must not be upset by this. You must, instead, send beaming waves of love. Unhappy people can be, and are often unhappy, of other’s happiness. There are people who want to have you feel heavy, but kid, you must still lightly wander forward. We must not take anything personally, we must not meet another’s insecurity with our insincerity. Simply smile, and move forward. Keep tiptoeing. And shortly afterward, you’ll find that you’re floating.

Oh, how I wish I was a balloon frolicking in the sky.


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