this is another version of the pasta i make compared to the last one i posted a few days ago! you may use that recipe as a starter guide if you’d like. i used bacon and artichoke hearts in this one. i didn’t have any onions left so i substituted with green onions! i tried to go for more of an asian flavor in this pasta i guess you could say. during the boiling of the pasta, i added in sesame oil (instead of regular oil) and in the pasta sauce, i considerably added more soy sauce than i usually do along with some oyster sauce. with this in mind, i didn’t add as much pomi tomato sauce because the the sauces and oil add a lot of flavor. i generally don’t like a lot of sauce in my pasta anyway, because it’s not as rich, it’s just “much” if that makes any sense.

i’m actually going to be starting a vegetarian diet this upcoming week (either sunday evening or monday)! it’s sort of a personal challenge i suppose, i’m already tortured by the idea of not eating meat since i eat meat at least two times a day, sometimes three when i eat those chinese meat buns for breakfast! i’m going to be going home mid-april, so i will have a good 2 week break from this diet and chow down on all my mom’s delicious chinese cooking. i’m mainly starting this vegetarian diet as a way of self-control, seeing if i can resist the impulses. i’ll have to keep you updated with how that goes! with that said, i am currently scarfing down meat for the next 24 hours!


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