as i was flying home today,

an interesting college student sat next to me. most times, i worry about if a slightly overweight person is going to sit next to me, and i’ll wind up retreating into a ball due to the lack of arm space i have, but today wasn’t one of those days. and usually, most times, i’ll talk to the person next to me and find out where they’re going (i just think it’s fascinating there are hundreds of people traveling to the same place as you, at the same exact time, and we’re all connected as one).

but this time, of all times, i didn’t. i sat there and absorbed his essence, and i learned much more from him from the silence than the small talk we could’ve exchanged. when the plane had reached a stable elevation, we were all allowed to take out our items. as i grab my ipod, he grabs his too. soon afterward, i dig for my book that i’ve started reading (hooray for breaks and no stress!) and he simultaneously grabs his sketchpad. as a story unravels in my mind, a picture worth a thousand words crawls onto his page, one line at a time.

one of my favorite songs came on shuffle and i was suddenly happy, but the memoir i was reading was so depressing and i was so jumbled as to what to feel. and then i felt relaxed, full of solitude being next to him, a person who was also so calm. and i let these feelings go. and i was sad, and i was happy, and my heart was tearing apart because the characters in the memoir were broken. in all of these feelings, i still managed to escape the incongruence and instead, feel content.

and when we left, you looked backed at me a couple of times. i hope my essence was as refreshing to you as yours was to mine.

thank you stranger for reminding me of this feeling.

(dec 2010)


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