unconditional love

when you are having a bad day, and you decide
to crumple up your feelings and throw them in the garbage,
i will dig from the bottom of the trash can, savor them and
hand them back to you, and when your stomach
boils with anger, i’ll be sure to turn off the stove so that
you may return to a state of peace, and when all you
can taste is the saltiness of your racing tears, i’ll hand you
a napkin, a shoulder, and at least 3 reasons why
you look so beautiful when you cry. when your heart becomes
dusty, i’ll be sure to brush off every last piece of lint,
and polish it so meticulously that you shine.

for every time that you believe you are unlovable,
i will love you with every fiber left of me.

i will love you, i will remind you, i will show you,
until you remember to love yourself again.


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