Sharing your poetry with someone is letting someone into your heart. Whereas a painting, a music piece, a dance, or a look, these are all open for interpretation. Poetry, while as cryptic and mysterious as it is, speaks the language of the soul. It tells you, “Here is what I am feeling and I am hoping to understood. Here is the the exact passage to my heart, and I’ve drawn out a map for you.” Allowing your writing to not only be viewed by your sets of eyes, but by others, maybe even strangers, is a powerful emotional connection. Although sometimes it may seem as if writing about your utmost confusing, daunting, darkest parts may be like free access to the less visible aspects of your heart, remember that people will deeply resonate with what you have to say. Letting go of fear, letting go of the idea of being judged, of being frowned upon, is what allows us to share with others our experience at its truest, its rawest.

That’s why I’ve created this blog open to the public for others to read. Even though I may filter what I post and how I post it, it’s a process. What I share on this website is reflective of how comfortable I feel at the time. This is a hand reaching out from me to you, telling you that you are not alone. This is not me trying to show that I am able to connect to you, that my words are able to chime with the beat of your heart, that I somehow contain the words. It’s not like that in the slightest, rather, it’s to show that we connect together. That we, we are the same. Too often people just scrounge for differences, why they feel lonely, why they feel left out, why they feel misunderstood. Here is my blog to describe the emotions, observations, and reflections that manifest within how I approach my life, hoping that it synchronizes to your emotions. This blog may have all my ideas written all over it, but there are also yours as well. I can only hope that the colors I’ve painted parallels to the blends of our hearts. Together we face the world, whether it be tainted or beautiful or cracked or pure or anything in-between and beyond.

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  1. The last line of this piece grabbed me’s exactly how I feel when I share my heart with my readers. Great post!

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