we built the bridges that have been burned

“i just read something a few days ago, that people who are more inclined to creativity are more likely to be dissatisfied”
“My friend and I were discussing this on Saturday. We believe the frustrated Musician is frustrated because no one can ever correctly communicate. Creative/intelligent people understand this and thus are never satisfied because they see the holes and complications in this imperfect world.”
“i think that’s why so many people escape to create! whether it’s poetry or painting or music or anything really, because the real world is so tainted. we live in a world where everything is structured and needs to be displayed so concretely that the creative ones recognize this flaw and detach themselves from it”
“I feel like many people cannot communicate but are okay with it. Creative people aren’t sure how to communicate but they try and the structured society depends on the communication which is why creative people get labeled as weird or abnormal.”

I think poets, musicians, photographers, designers, painters, whichever artistic pursuit we all may have, We are the counter culture. We are the movement. We are what keeps inspiration alive.


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