knock knock, who’s there? the universe. the universe who? you.

i understand what the world has been trying to tell me this whole time,
i am the reflection of the universe, i have not been born, and i will
not die, i will only change physical manifestations, i’ve existed
this whole time, my spirit is as mine as it yours as it is the cosmos, you
just have to recognize that consciousness is one entity,
a french philosopher once said, we are not humans having
a spiritual experience, but spiritual beings having
a human experience; every time somebody tries to
place everything on a black and white scale, wrong versus
right, up versus down, i want to ask them why they worry
with such mindless details, stars have died for us, we
are made of star stuff, we are that sky that holds our secrets and wishes,
we are how stars are remembered; does the idea of stars
dying shiver your bones, because it quenches my heart. can you
imagine a night sky without stars? this is why the massly polluted air
prevents me from relocating to china. can we pinpoint
the beginning of time? can we determine the edges of
the universe, can we guess at what’s beyond the universe,
if there is at all? human understanding is an obsessive love
for the universe; maybe the purpose of these human lives
is to synchronize our own heartbeat with the universe’s heartbeat
but first, you must let go of your fears, take down that ego,
that is also the last step.


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