you just don’t …

You just don’t like it when people are approaching interactions with you with a directed purpose. You would rather the relationship spawn in a more natural fashion, if at all. And when a relationship does come into being naturally, that is a cue to you that it is something good that should be happening


Wow this is so spot on. After I reacted with such amazement, he said “Words. I got em.” Man, this is so perfect. It embodies so much of what I believe in and is said in such a concise manner. I carried on the conversation by saying that I love people who are so themselves, people who recognize independence from one another, that we are two people who happen to be sharing this moment together. I think so many people try to enmesh things, and it’s all just so unhealthy. Identities morph together. Dependency arises. Insecurities surface when perceived separation appears. It’s so much easier when you can love people separate from you, when you view the person as not just who they are to you, but who they are to themselves, to others, to the world.


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