i wonder what it’s like to be homeless, i wonder where they go at night, one time

i saw a camp out site behind the bushes just by the freeway entrance, what is it like

for the closest piece of hope to be right next to you, briefly paused at the stoplight, rested

in their brand new car, to drive right past you as the light turns green?

do they look at you, and what do their eyes say? do they not look at all, do they

purposefully ignore you, or are they so accustomed to you that they never notice?

i always read what their signs say, i always carry cash with me, it was one of the greatest

lessons i learned in january. today i was at a stoplight and i saw a man and started to

roll down my window, and i handed him a dollar and he said, “many thanks” and his

smiled was filled with more gratitude than the combination of everybody waiting

at this light. i was in the middle of town on a saturday afternoon at a busy plaza, you can

just imagine how many people were at this stoplight. i wanted to tell him more than to have

a great weekend, but the light signaled me to go, i wonder what it’s like to be

homeless, i wonder what it’s like to observe such a careless world time and

time again, i wonder what it’s like to be homeless, i always want to welcome them

into my home and tell them they can use the as much water as they want, and there is

premade food in the fridge and some snacks in the cabinet, you are welcome to

any of it, and then i would apologize that i have work, but you can wander around the block

if you want fresh air, and i want to take them to the store and buy them some new clothes

and take them to the nearest barbor shop and give them a fresh haircut, and i want

to take care of them all. my mom has a friend who makes sure to buy a poor man

a meal every wednesday on her walk home from work, she takes him to the

nearest cafe and lets him order whatever he wants, she makes sure he also orders

dessert, she insists on it. i hope i am a millionaire one day so i can change someone’s life,

too. i wonder what it’s like to be homeless, i wonder what it’s like to be strong

  1. I wish I could take care of them too. I’m only a young girl but if I could 100% guarantee that I wouldn’t be attacked, I would invite them into my home to wash and eat.

  2. Wouldn’t it be nice if trust, if your own judgment, if somebody’s word were enough? Wouldn’t it be nice to know that we don’t completely live in a selfish world?

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