I am actually sort of traumatized by the death of my phone. It has nothing to do with the inability to connect with people at my leisure, but rather, the photos, saved texts, and quickly jotted down thoughts from that phone. It wouldn’t matter to me if that phone was unusable in the sense that it would freeze or that if the battery wouldn’t last unless it was plugged against a wall, but it’s just the fact that it won’t turn on at all. I have so many memories on that phone. Each of my previous phones has only been upgraded to a newer phone for the sheer reason that there was an issue with it, but I’ve kept all those phones neatly tucked away in my desk so that I can return to saved text messages. And every time I grab that phone, it holds an endless amount of sentimental value, I guess you could say it’s like clairsentience in a way, but backwards. I just really refuse to accept the reality of what has happened to my phone. They couldn’t find a battery replacement at the Verizon I visited today, but I’m going to try another Verizon tomorrow. Even then, the employees are unsure of whether the battery is the issue or not. Despite whatever the cause, I still want to find a way. Knowing that I’ve exhausted all possibilities and knowing there is absolutely no other way to change the current state of my phone means more to me than just admitting defeat over this damn technological defect. I guess that’s the power of trying, eh? :)


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