(this is intended to be cute and humorous, it just depends on how you read it and picture their personalities)

Okay, I have a plan.

Okay, go!

We’re going to live in a tiny apartment with a mix of Swedish or Scandinavian design in Seattle. I’m thinking navy or black. No grey. Minimalism is key. We could always go for warm colors instead. What do you think? Should we get a 2br so we can have our an art room? We’re going to adopt a puppy and name him Krypto. We’re also going to adopt a bunny and name her Naomi. We’re going to build her a little shed on our porch so she doesn’t stink up the house. We’re also going to have a garden. There is only one thing though…

What is it?

You have to wake up at 8am and water the plants everyday, okay? Because I want to sleep in.

You really hate me, don’t you?

You said you love sunrises!

You’re sneaky, aren’t you, you think you can convince me?

Is it working?

Can we get a chinchilla? Or a ferret?


I’ll keep your plants alive if you let me buy one of those!

Damn it. Deal.

  1. Cute story…no explanation was needed, their personalities were in the dialogue!

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