i once learned that cherry blossoms represented renewal, rebirth, and resilence

i read somewhere that the best time of year to see

cherry blossom trees in taiwan during the month of february

claire chao says the best part of this setting is the guessing game –

the guessing game of which colors will appear next

i once read somewhere that thousands of cherry blossom petals fell

during the end of world war ii, and ori gersht captured these petals resting

on the pond as a symbol of the accumulation of lost soldiers. he liked still-life,

maybe the cherry blossom festival isn’t just a light show, maybe it isn’t

just a romantic setting, maybe it doesn’t have anything to do with taiwan’s

culture at all, but the recollection of the lost lives during world war ii congregating

in one whole place, lighting up the place with tranquility, with honor, with hearts

and souls as bright as this night scene, the petals may have fallen, but maybe

they have regathered themselves, maybe we just need time to recognize the light,

i once learned in psychology class that the definition of resilience is positive

adaptation in the face of significant adversity, maybe these color flairs tells us that everything

is always changing, always moving, maybe it tells us that.. nothing can ever really be lost


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