Today I was at Wal-Mart and I was stopped by a guy advertising for Xfinity at one of the tables. I was waiting for him to ask me about Xfinity so I could shyly say that I’m not interested and that I’m sorry, and then he just dived into asking questions about my life. Within minutes he found out where I’ve lived, what I do in regards to work, what I like to do on my down time, etc. And then he just wrote down his name and phone number… and gave it to me.

WHY DO EVENTS LIKE THIS HAPPEN TO ME? THIS IS FAR WORSE THAN HIM TRYING TO ADVERTISE XFINITY TO ME. HE NEVER DID. One time last year I was asked out on a date I think 3, or 4, times in a week. Stahp this. JUST STOP. One time I was at 7-Eleven and the cashier asked me out on a date… And I was like ???????? wat?


Okay, the point of the story is not actually him. The point of the story is that I went to Wal-Mart today to buy a hula-hoop, because, yolo :) and I’m really excited about it akdjfkldskflsjd, it makes me feel like a little girl twirling in space :) And I bought a bubble wand, and I will wave it around tomorrow while I’m standing on my porch watching the sunset. Hehe :)


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