the power of your own advice

“im depressed without him”
“but are you still happy?”
“i love him so much i would wait my whole life for him. but i know i cant. no im not happy”
“will you be happy soon?”
“idk ill either be happy getting back with him if he changes or i will be happy knowing things are 100% over but im in limbo with thie situation, so idk how to feel”
“you told me something once i’m going to show it to you”
“ok show me”
““I love him THAT much. but i feel like even if he didn’t love me the way i need him to, the only thing i want is for him to be happy, and for me to be happy. and if i cant have him completely, i wont be happy… so the heartbreak that might happen will be temporary, and ill get through it, and be patient. im not rushing anything and im just going to appreciate the fact that i get to feel love””
“shit why do you change my life in seconds LOL THANK YOU”


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