jan 2012 thoughts:

an entry i wrote during class before i decided to stop going to class:

“I am thinking about love, about possibilities, and missed opportunities. I am thinking of my best friend, my brother, my friends, strangers, even. How many chances do we take each day? Do they even affect our life in the grander scheme? Are we but an amalgamation of our experiences or are we much more? Do we define ourselves or are we identified by the lives we live? By the people meet, the places we go, the places we leave, the books we read, and the people we love? Are we clouded by love or does it provide a reality we’ve never known of? Why are elevator rides so quiet? Why would we rather run away than pursue? Is madness an uncontrollable flood or drops falling from a leaky sink? Are we crazy humans confined in such a mundane society? Do we love, and if so, how much? Why don’t people love more? Why are we afraid to reach out and give? Why do we have expectations? Why do we let people destroy us? Does time really heal pain or do we forget about it?”


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