“Dead LOL”

Talking to my best friend for the first time in what could be at least a month :)

We talk about serious things and in the middle of it we laugh. I love how strong she is. I love the emotions that race through her. I love how inspiration floats throughout her mind. I love the childlike aspect of her. She shows me how to live in the now, to embrace all emotions at full blast, to never hide in the shadows. I love the way everything comes alive around her. I love the way souls are resurrected with her humor. I love the way everything illuminates with color with every step she takes.

“I’m really exhausted I’m going to take a nap, I’ve been awake since 530”
“………….I’d never live, I don’t even know what the sky looks like at that time”

She is my therapy. I naturally heal around her with the simple act of talking to her. She reminds me to never take anything seriously without ever telling me. I can tell her stories about my emotions and laugh wholeheartedly about them. It turns into a story, a drama. It naturally forms into a happy ending.

“it’s been 3 weeks since i’ve been to class, i missed a third of the whole quarter. instead of feeling shameful of myself, i’d like to say i had the chance to seize other opportunities in my life. exhibit a: sleeping”
“………………………………………………………… LMFAO YOU’VE BEEN SLEEPING?!?!?”
“it’s called dreaming. i’m connecting with my inner self”

I love when she calls me with stories and all I do is laugh. I don’t even know what to say because she is just so lightheartedly funny. She always makes me laugh. She always helps me laugh at myself. She always teaches me to let go. She teaches me that in order to be free, you must free yourself from the demons within you.

“What to do when you’re avoiding your essay: pretend you’re a choreographer to whatever song is playing and construct your own dance moves”
“You’re the best thank you I’ll meet you in the Facebook world in a second” 

She reminds me of freedom when I seem to have misplaced it. I can often detach myself from my own emotions and thoughts and free myself of my own negative thinking, but I tend to have a hard time feeling free in front of others. Although I remain detached from society, I have trouble being completely me when engaged in an unfamiliar environment or any environment that may seem uncomfortable. Although I have mentally and emotionally freed myself, she teaches me how to live freely, how to be freely. On the inside, I roam the world like a pixie fairy, I float like a balloon. On the outside, I’m a kite. She is the crazy-loving free bird.

(dec 3 2012/jan 23 2012)


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