“I just quit my job. Haha oh god I can’t believe I just did that, finally! Now I’m ready to move forward. I was thinking how sick I am of the job and I’ve been there for so long and wanted to quit since day one but kept giving myself excuses to not quit and how I’m never going to find a better job. Working the overall job affects my general flow, and to truly go for everything I want to next quarter, I had to bring working there to an end. It’s a metaphor and yet very real symbol in my life and I had to say goodbye and move forward. Staying there was safe, but I need to act with more courage. I think that’s the thing that was hard for me to put into the right perspective on Saturday, I need to not carelessly or recklessly pursue ideals and I believe in/what I want, I need to pursue with bravery and courage, with strength and intelligence” -Kelsey

This is so inspirational I just askdjfakdfs. I called into work on Friday for one of the families I work for, because quite frankly, fuck, I need a break. I called in sick for another family that I was supposed to work for yesterday, and they told me to take today off as well as switch shifts with somebody tomorrow to work a half shift. I’ve been stuck in this idea of work for weeks. I keep coming up with lies, saying that my uncle is moving to China and that he wants me to go with him , or that I’m going to take classes at De Anza so I’ll quit come spring quarter. I can’t even just tell them, I want to quit because there are other things I want to do in this life. I want to quit because simply I just want space in my life. I don’t even know what I want to do with my life. I just want to live. I’ve imagined quitting both my jobs, and there is no greater feeling accompanying just that. I’ve only ever quit jobs out of circumstances of moving away or time conflicts. I keep mentally stringing these lies I’d tell the family so that I wouldn’t feel bad about leaving them. Jesus Christ, I know that it’s just a job, it’s not my fucking life commitment, but I give myself this responsibility to stay.

My best friend dropped out of college a few months ago. My soul sister just quit her job. Okay, I can fucking do it too. Give me a little time, I can do this too. I mean obviously I already know the solution to all of this. Unless I quit, I will be stuck in this rut.



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