can love be “too real”

But you have to remember something.

Which is?

You fell in love with me first.

That’s not true.

I looked at your eyes, and before I could say anything, I felt the love you had for me. It was then that I decided I liked your love. Your eyes say, hello I’m in love with you but you cannot fall in love with me. It’s too late, I said. This was the moment we’ve both been waiting for.

I haven’t been waiting for anything.

You’re telling me you’ve never waited to feel the way you do when we’re together.

How can you say you know what I’m feeling?

Because the only reason you won’t kiss me is because you force yourself to repel from me. You fight what is between us. The first kiss is always the end of two people missing each other. We were supposed to meet, darling, but you can run away if you need to.

Why would I run away?

You’ll see.


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