an anonymous figure read my previous poem “the cure for loneliness is love” on another website and we had this lovely conversation:

“Where is my broken heart. I need it. This is an absence of poetry. Please understand.”

“This is not only the presence of poetry, but also the presence of love. Why do you need your broken heart?”

“Explain your presence of poetry, and of love. What do you mean by love, for the word has many a meaning. Maybe you understand much more than I, but in a different melody, a twisted lilt liberally applied. Help. Define the world.”

“Explain your presence of poetry, you say. The world manifests poetically, Friedrich Ulfers says. Love is your pulse, the moment in-between blinks, and uncontrollable smiling at warm text messages. I don’t understand more than you. We may be different melodies, but we are part of harmony. Define the world, you say. The world is you.”

“Thank you thricely. Your answers to my questions filled my lungs.”


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