who am i?

1. what i consider spontaneity: ordering something other than 2 mcchickens at mcdonald’s
2. every time i have to throw away a pair of ripped tights, it’s like a funeral for me. rip :(
3. i won’t buy a blouse over $13, but i won’t think twice about spending $60+ on drinks for others in one night
4. if you’re a realist, get out of my way. test me, i fucking dare you. i will fucking pulverize you
5. i ask a lot of questions all the time, because my curiosity cannot be satiated. i remember everything you say
6. if i could change anything about my past, i would’ve never sacrificed choir class for ap classes
7. one time i saw license plates in this exact order: new york, new mexico, california, washington. i wonder if i’m meant for seattle
8. one of my favorite things in the world is if you reference my brother or superman
9. over thanksgiving weekend, my soul sister and i drove down from santa cruz to los angeles for a rave and we met people from utah who said we would never meet up again. then i met up with them less than 7 months later in vegas :)
10. that same weekend my soul sister and i slept in the backseat of my car in a parking lot
11. the first thing i did upon walking out of my car after a car crash i caused was laugh and tell the stranger i’m sorry in-between my gasps of air
12. i once bought a pack of cigarettes and lit three at once and twirled them around just to see the art of smoke formation
13. i scored terribly on the SATs but i have an iq bordering on 140
14. i enjoy philosophical conversations over tea as much as i do spending a sleepless night out at the bars
15. inwardly organized, outwardly spontaneous
16. i wish we lived in a world where everybody rests their heads on shoulders and holds hands
17. i like sleepovers
18. i am afraid of walking from my studio to my car, but i am not afraid to couch surf at a stranger’s house
19. the categories on wordpress make me really anxious, i always wonder what if i’m placing my entries in wrong categories, and should i place them in more than one, and will this scatter my blog if i place my entry in two categories, etcetc the racings of the mind grrr
20. i don’t have time to slow down
21. one time i had a dream of a glowing purple leaf, and i for some reason knew it was very representational of my life. i then googled the meaning of it that morning and it said it indicates a woman that has little care for stability
22. i follow patterns. for example, one of the boys that i babysit, his school ends at 2:23pm, there are 23 students in his class, i was passing by his school at 23mph, and that day he asked me to read a story from pg 23. “coincidentally” we were also looking at the date of when this US state was established (12/21) and he said oh that’s 2 days before christmas, and i said christmas is on the 25th and he said, oh i thought it was the 23rd. every event happened within a timespan of 3 hours around the number 23. coincidence? i think not!
23. i have imaginary friends!
24. when i was younger, i used to meticulously unwrap my christmas presents so i could see what they were but then neatly place the tape back in place. i then neatly unwrapped it on christmas day because i wanted to save the gift wrap for crafts
25.  i’m immortal and insane, two of the worst (best) combinations


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