the cure for loneliness is love

i gently grabbed your hand and i realized that your

right hand was full of love, but the palm of your left hand

held a past that still cried you to sleep every night, and why

is your left hand the colors of dark purple and black, but your

right hand radiates bright orange, and why do your hands

starve for the sound of heartbeats that fall in love, but you say

you don’t want love, but i know that’s a lie, because

your eyes say love just has never been easy, you say

you don’t have time, i say time is the only thing

you do have, and i told you that when i think of you, i think

of a bright red heart bursting out of its lines, itching

to jump out of its borders, but the heart

is not easily seen, no, it’s behind a transparent shield that

reflects the light in order to hide its true essence,

and it’s also behind some fog, and you ask me

what it means and i tell you that most people have a stone

wall built around their heart, or it’s encaged in a metal box

wrapped with chains and a lock, or their heart is very, very faint

at the edges, their hearts are colorless, disappearing,

cracked down the middle, you ask me

why i tell you this, and i tell you this because you swear,

you’re heartbroken, but you’re not, you just don’t

want to be heartbroken again; you break your own

heart so nobody has to ever feel the way you

did. darling, that is what we call a noble person, so

i have one thing to tell you, there’s a serbian proverb and it’s:

be humble, for you are made of

earth, be noble, for you are made of stars.

shine bright


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