a puzzle

Anything could happen.

Everything will happen.

How do you know?

Because I’ve lived this life already.

Hah. And what does that exactly mean?

It means I’ve already read about this life, the facts are written in textbooks and the heartbreaks are written in poems found in shoeboxes.

So what happens?



Nothing really. LIfe is a fractal. People are sent out to face their fears. That’s why you’re still here, facing these obstacles. You will die and be reborn as many times as needed until you begin to understand your darkness.

And what happens if the pattern keeps repeating itself?

That’s the goal. The goal is that it won’t, that people will restore to a state of love. The day you love is the day you die.

But, wait, that doesn’t make sense.

What confuses you?

You can’t die for two opposing reasons.

One is out of environmental circumstances, the other personal. In the first situation, they kill you. In the second situation, you choose to die.

Who’s they? And why would I wish death upon myself if I knew love?

Me. And you will figure that out with time.

Why would you kill me?

Because I am you.

This doesn’t make any sense.

That’s because you do not solve contradictions in this lifetime. It will be the next one.

Then what happens to me after that life?



Exactly that.

You are talking in circles.

The fact that you believe I am talking in circles is indicative of the fact that your mind is spinning in circles. Everything I say has clear direction.

You haven’t told me any answers!

I’ve provided you with many, more than I tell most.

When do the patterns stop repeating themselves?

They never do.

But you,  you just said the goal is that they don’t!

The purpose is that they do, and always will.

Are you always this arrogant?

What a bold accusation. Arrogant? If by that, you mean your disturbance with my energy, then I suppose so. Don’t be quick to displace negative personality traits onto another just because of your personal insecurities.

I don’t have any insecurities. You’re just an arrogant asshole and I’m wasting my time.

Then why do you persist with this conversation?

Ugh, what is the purpose of this conversation?

Wouldn’t you like to know?


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