Why are you covered with such dismay?

What do you mean?

You’re slumped in a ball.

I always do that.

Oh come on, you act like I can’t read you. Your eyebrows are scrunched. What’s bothering you?

I’m just sad because nobody means what they say, and nobody says what they mean.

Like what?

Like women who speak with such deep encrypted messages and expect their significant other to decode such unhappy, dissatisfied phrases. Like every time I meet someone and I say we should grab food and they agree, and I text them the next morning and I can tell by the way they respond with, “yes it was so great meeting you!” instead of “yes it was so great meeting you, and yes, when are you available?” that they aren’t interested. Like people who are sarcastic in order to hide from their real thoughts. Like people who act ‘less’ than they truly are, you know, the ones that pretend they don’t care about love, or the ones that pretend they aren’t intelligent, whatever aspect it may be, they hide their very core. I’m not talking about the ones who take time to open up, but the ones who purposefully front an image opposite of who they are to protect themselves. Or like, like people who lead on others.  Like –

Wait. I’m going to stop you. I want to hear your list, I do, but you have to remember. People are scared. We’ve talked about this numerous times.

I know, I just wish the world was different.

I have an important question to ask you: what do you expect?

For people to tell the truth. And live it.

Yes I know but, we don’t live in a society that speaks the truth. Everyone says they value the truth, but everyone wants honesty for clarity. Everyone acts out of selfishness. How many times has the “bitter” truth uplifted people? How many times does the truth instead shake our bones? Plenty. People act strong, honey. The truth is commonly negative associated.

But the truth is beautiful! Celestial! Why is the truth either sugarcoated or brutal? To see it as that way is so black and white. Why do people ask for honesty but underneath it all, they’re fishing for compliments? Why don’t people communicate? Why do we do what we should, not what we want? Why do we abide these rules of hiding behind small talk? Why do we keep everything at bay? Why is the bay covered with litter, instead of sparkling with sandcastles and sand dollars?!

Honey, this is what we call idealism.

Yeah, I suppose. At least you understand my metaphor.

But you want others to, too.

I want everyone to love. I want everyone to be themselves! I want to live in a world where everybody expresses who they are, instead of hiding underneath all these images. One bleeds into the next, and then they begin to forget who they really are. They latch onto the idea of looking like a good person instead of being a good person.

Well then, what are you going to do?

I don’t know.

Okay, let me ask again. I don’t think you heard me. What are you going to do?

Okay. you’re right. I’m going to keep doing my thing! Even if I’m misunderstood by how much my words hold meaning. I’ll keep spreading the language of love until my message is received, even if it’s not!

Atta girl! That’s the spirit I know!


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