bucket list at age 16

– fall in love.
– meet the most amazing people ever.
– go to africa to help with global organizations.
– be an inspiration.
– have a wonderful job that i LOVE.
– keep in touch with shepleigh for the rest of my life.
– and meet up with her 10 years later and laugh like 12 year olds.
– go to a concert!
– go to china with my mom when she’s old
– live in europe.
– pet a panda.
– go on the superman ride at six flags
– live in a huge house.
– live in a wittle house.
– grow a garden.
– have a bunch of furry pets. :)
– read all the books by jodi picoult.
– retire in china.
– make music.
– swim with a dolphin.
– meet tom welling.
– meet the rest of the smallville cast.
– learn how to ballroom dance, again.
– see a shooting star with someone i love.
– sleep under the stars.
– sing a song in front of everybody.
– go fishing.
– sit by the lake and watch the clouds.
– have a picnic.
– give a speech in public.
– go in a hot air balloon (i know, don’t make fun, i haven’t. how many years have i lived in new mexico again?)
– go to the top of the eiffel tower.
– go to australia.
– go sledding in alaska.
– go to galapagos island.

– help an autism organization
– be a hero.
– give my dinner meal to someone poor every month.
– help a blind man.
– buy a random kid a toy.
– visit the foster home.
– commit a crime, and get away with it.
– go around the world.
– meet people with different cultures and different personalities
– help a complete stranger.
– call somebody i thought i’d never talk to again.
– get drunk in a foreign country.
– write my own life story when i’m 60.
– go on a vacation without a camera.
– send postcards.
– treat people with complete respect.
– cheat death.



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