I never understand the need to seek revenge, to flirt with others because you’re mad, to purposefully try and hurt the person who hurt you.

I’ve been a hurt teenager before, but.

But, my golden rule is: You never, never, have an excuse to hurt anyone.

I don’t care if you’re trying to teach someone a lesson. I don’t care if you’re trying to give someone a taste of their own medicine. I don’t care if you’re emotionally unstable in that moment and it gives you the reason to lash out. I don’t care if what you are doing is trying to break the person down. You don’t have an excuse to be an asshole. And this has been my golden rule ever since I can remember.

Don’t fuck around with people’s hearts just because they did with yours. It doesn’t fucking matter. You can’t justify the means to an end. Live with integrity and dignity. Be a good-hearted person despite whatever happens to you. That resentment you have, the grudge you’re holding, it only fuels your own fire, not theirs. Don’t turn your hurt into a consequence for someone else. Don’t convert your hurt into a torture mechanism for somebody else. Why does it feel good to poison the one person who poisoned you? What kind of achievement is that? Just leave it alone. Or let time do its job. Or communicate. Don’t waste time conjuring up ways to even the score. There is no game. You just create it as a result of your pain.

Be genuine. It’s much easier that way.


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