I could’ve kissed a thousand boys in a year and none of them would capture my interest. Everything was so fleeting, but it didn’t mean there was no meaning. Everything had meaning, it was just that commitment didn’t exist in my life. I could never actually fathom committing myself to someone. I wanted to travel around the world by myself. I wanted to live in little apartments that overlooked the city or the mountains, and drink tea and read books. I could fall in love with a boy each and every weekend, but I’d never actually feel a connection. I was a wanderer, a vagabond. Anyone can tell you this. You could try your hardest, but you could never catch me, let alone slow me down. I didn’t need love because I had myself, and I had my wonderful life. I could find love through kids, through friends, and on busy streets and coy libraries. I found love on the big movie screen, in the depths of books, and simply when I look up and see the vast universe. I could even find love on the gloomiest of days. It was all there, but I never needed any of it. I just could not imagine someone by my side. I believed in temporary love for myself, for it was everywhere, but I never believed in forever.

I want to believe in forever. Because it exists. Somewhere. It’s out there. Waiting to be found.

And for what it’s worth, I don’t want someone to walk next to me. I want someone to fly away with me, while we chase each other in the sky and play hide-and-seek behind clouds. And in-between, we’ll ride airplanes, capture sunlight in our hands, dance on hot-air balloons, race the birds, and rest on balloons. And when it’s nighttime, the stars will protect us and the comets will come out to play with us. We can slide off shooting stars and enter people’s dreams and grant everyone’s wishes. Because life is so much more fun when we’re guided by the moonlight instead of the streetlights.

Because I live in a world where clouds taste like cotton candy and the stars sing me to sleep. Comets are friendly and are constantly performing, but they never peep a word. They just smile and dance with you.

Because I don’t want someone that will ground me and bring me back to reality. I want someone with a vivid imagination and a wild heart and will never hesitate to lift off into space with me.

Don’t take me dancing. Don’t take me to the mall. Don’t take me to the movies. Take me into your imagination. I just want to know what’s in your heart. What rings in your head at the end of the day? What prevents you from falling asleep? When did you learn of fear? Take me into your world. I’ll bring you into mine. And then throughout it all, we’ll discover our own world. And we’ll never come back to reality.

Don’t bring me back to my feet. I want to forever keep my head in the clouds. Feet aren’t meant for walking, they’re meant for taking off into the sky.

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