We look at up at the sky and we feel so small. I used to, too. Sometimes I can’t help but feel small, not that I feel any less, but that I am merely a small collection of molecules compared to the vast universe. I mean, it is the truth, we are insignificant creatures on an insignificant planet when we think about how much else holds out there, it’s just that, it’s just that we only know of this planet.

And then we can think of time. If we want to think about life that manifested on this Earth, it’s merely a grain of sand on a beach. We will live and we will die, and it will not even come close to how long the universe has existed.

Stars are bursting.
Galaxies are exploding.

But it’s still so beautiful to me. So, so, so beautiful. Why? Because I don’t feel little. I feel interconnected to all of it. I am part of a miracle. I am a miracle and I am part of the universe’s miracle. We are one planet in one galaxy. We look up at the sky and marvel at the stars that shine for us each and every night. There are at least 200 billion stars in the Milky Way, and there are at least 125 billion galaxies in this known universe. We think that only what we can see through our naked eye is what exists. We think that all the information we have represents the extent of what we know, but it is only merely a stepping stone. People dream of visiting Europe. I dream of floating in outer space. The continents of this Earth represent nothing when I think about the rings of Saturn or the asteroids floating in space.

We’re related to the sun that shines for us. We are made of stars that have died in another lifetime, and we are the reconstruction of stardust. The world is always in motion, always spinning, soaring.We are too. And if being part of such a beautiful phenomenon that’s tied to you doesn’t fascinate you, then what can?

So yes, I may feel small based on the larger scale of the world, metrically, but, I feel connected. I always feel connected, because the universe is not a concept that can be broken down into scientific understandings. It’s subjective, all of it. It’s a thought. The universe is just, a thought, a feeling, an idea. How is that for food for thought? And we are part of that, all of that. The universe is but a collective unity of mysteries and magic. And it is…it is limitless.

We are the universe. We are part of all the magic that is happening around us.


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