People are so scattered. We find flaws, yet we don’t make an effort to change. We sink in what will drown us. Then we believe we survive the tsunami of insecurity, but aren’t we always bombarded by it if it appears in moments of fear? Don’t we want to surf our waves with delight? Why are we addicted to our flaws? Why are we troubled when our flaws show? Why are we quick to complain? Why is nobody ever happy with life? Why do we hate mistakes? Why don’t we ever break out of these habits? The contradicting cycle forever consumes us.

I don’t ever want to retreat into a cave because the world isn’t as easy as it seemed to be in my head. Isn’t that what we really want, we want challenge? And then the second it knocks on our door, we suddenly believe that staying indoors would be a much safer bet. Nothing is easy in life, what would it be like for us to always have what we want? Would we ever grow? Would we ever see our true character? And what is our true character, anyway? Our true character isn’t who we are when we meet someone, it isn’t who we are in work environments, it isn’t even who we are when we are laughing with our best friend. What is character? Character is who we are after multiple tries at an attempt to succeed something, anything, whether it be a relationship, school, or work. Character is how we react when we are faced with an unwanted situation. That’s where our true character shows in those glimpses, and underneath it all, these repetitive setbacks reveal our true colors, whether it is pessimism, happiness, frustration, blame, hope, or everything else in-between.

And then that becomes the pivotal point – do we remain who we are, do we lose ourselves, do we distance ourselves from what causes us disdain, or do we change? For me, I love significant moments like this, because there is only one thought that will direct me to where I will go: The first being I can’t, and the second being I can.

Because you do know right, there are only two types of people in the world: those who blame the outside world for who they’ve always been… and those who grow.

So can you do this?

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