Little moments of happiness:

When you are approaching a red light and it turns green
When an item that is on sale is actually even cheaper than the sale price
Soft, crispy cookies
The smell of leftover orange peels
Tea at the perfect temperature
Waking up wanting to get out of bed
Unwrinkled shirts
When the first paragraph of a book captures your attention
Ripe fruit
When the gas price drops
When someone genuinely wants to hug you
When a video loads fully the first time with no buffers
When waiting comes to an end
When you first enter the shower and stand there still for a minute
Being able to find a decent parking spot
Strangers who smile at you
People who speak passionately about what they do or what they believe in
Actually meeting people who are passionate
Finding that one item that you’ve been searching for
Someone else’s warm hands
Crunchy leaves
Making a baby laugh
Actually following your schedule and completing all the tasks
Being able to sing all the lyrics of a song
When someone calls you
Coming across a good movie on Netflix
Meeting someone who relates to you
Finally understanding a concept after a couple attempts
An empty sink
Proper grammar
When the future unfolds in your favor
Carrying all your groceries in one trip
Dancing like no one’s looking
Old-school cartoons
Discovering a new artist
Solving a problem, any sort of problem
The first snowfall of the year
Seeing the skyline
Laughing after crying
Smooth skin
The sound of crashing waves
When missing someone comes to an end


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