“What’s wagon?” I ask.
“You’ve been here how many months, and you’ve never been to wagon?” he responds.

I want to say, “I know that I have a better chance of giving birth to triplets than finding parking anywhere in San Jose. I know that the McDonald’s off Race and San Carlos prepares fresher McChickens than the one downtown, so I always deliberately order from the McDonald’s there. I know that the closest shopping center to the airport is the marketplace off Coleman Ave, because I always stand still in the parking lot as I look up at how an airplane feels so close, and that in my mind, I’m a giant and this airplane is a propeller hat. I know that my front door faces west, because the sunset always look so nice from my porch. I know that my favorite place in San Jose is the Recycled Bookstore. I know that an abundance of crows gather at the cross section of Almaden and Willow. I know about the contemporary art museum, and I know the man who walks down my block just trying to make a couple of dollars. I know that the colors of the M8trix remind me of your polychromatic eyes. I know about Kelley Park and I know about the big dice that rest at the Guadalupe River Park. I know that there is more to 280S than the traffic at 5:30pm, because the sunset hovers over the horizon. I know that my neighbors have a 3 month old puppy named Thunder. I know that the next generation of Los Gatos are in good hands, because they participate in extracurricular activities after school instead of looking for a hideout to smoke weed. I know that there are book sales every other month at the Sunnyvale library. I know there is a place called Unicorn Thrift Shop. I know that my favorite place at Santana Row is Z Gallerie. I know that my ideal date would be at Lisa’s Tea Treasures. I know that the lady at Salvation Army is kind, because I walked in with a couple bags of clothes, and then when I went to check out 4 books, she let me walk out with those free. I know I still have to go to the Winchester Mystery House. I know that the drive on 680N has lovely scenic mountains located in Milpitas that remind me of The Sound of Music.”

But I don’t say that. I don’t want to occupy his time with my lengthy reply about my romance with life and its little quirks. Instead I say, “I know! I’m such a hermit! We should go sometime and grab a drink!”


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