2 outfits in 1 day

2 outfits in 1 day

Once upon a time I had a Chictopia and I tried to be a Lookbook girl. The Lookbook phase died as quickly as I started it. I’ll be gradually posting photos of my outfits as well as older ones! Older ones will appear under Throwback Thursdays :) I’ve also had some questions asked about my taste in style and how I’ve developed it, how I manage to keep a budget, etc. If I can dig up that response somewhere, I can post it for those interested. Or I could devise a new one as well :) Sometimes people will ask me about my style as if there are secrets. I have no secrets, and it’s entirely affordable, as you will see below!

pink lace dress: crossroads trading co. (brand unknown) – $12
white dotted tights: ebay – $3
beige bow flats: ross – $13
pink pullover: crossroads trading co. (forever 21) – $9
ivory flower waist belt: thrifted in china – $5
taupe wedge heels: payless – $30
aqua shape necklace: forever 21 – $10
assortment of bracelets: forever 21 + world market
pink rectangular ring: forever 21 – $4

(The effect i added to these photos is a little much..but I’m too lazy to re-edit it again :D I’d like to think of myself as in a gumball machine)


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