Go out in the world and show them what you’re made of. Quit hiding in your room all the time, unless you’re diligently creating something. Stop being so lazy all the time. So many people are unaware of how much time passes by them and they cease to change it. You are not put in this world to be washed away. Be curious about the world. Stop finding everything so boring. Learn to see what’s around you and how everything affects one another. Find your passion. And go after it. Don’t wait. Don’t despair. Find a way, because yes, it’s possible, you just have to try. Stop waiting for your life to start, because then it never will. And one day you’ll wake up and realize what could’ve been done.

People always tell me to be realistic like it’s a bad thing. People always say well, this is reality. What do you even fucking mean? I live in my dreams. Have you ever heard of a realistic dreamer? Sounds bizarre, doesn’t it? We separate the two. We waffle between being realistic and living under society’s constructs, ruled by money, versus the idea of living life as an outlier, striving to have our dreams become a part of daily life.

Why is it that people are so often scared to chase their dreams? Why is it that we forget our dreams? We talk about what we wanted to be as a kid. Why don’t we talk about what we want to be now? When did you stop dreaming, and why? Why is it that we decide to forfeit to what seems right? What is “right” in this world? What is the “correct” life? Is there one? Who determines what is the ideal life for you? Why does growing up for most seem to mean becoming another robot of society? You are not meant to be anything else in this world but you. You are not meant to be another sheep, monotonously walking this Earth, half-blind.

Those are some nice shoes you have, but where is your passion to live? That’s a decent house you have, filled with extra rooms, but why is it void of love?

The world wants to hear your thoughts. We are all hungry for change but we won’t do it ourselves. Beautiful things need to be created. It’s important to have a love affair with life. It’s important to be obsessed with something. For me, I crave to express my emotions into words, yet I never feel satisfied with what I write because it never truly captures what I feel, but I try. And I try because emotions are so fleeting that I wish I could capture them all. I decided to create this blog because somewhere, someone else feels the way I do. I have a never-ending desire to spread my love, to have people realize that they are lovable and that there is not a moment in time when they aren’t. People’s insecurities never tire me. I will love you until the day I die, and I will still love you long after that. My heart always has enough space. I exist to nourish your dreams and have you see your potential, because I already do. You just have to, too.

It’s our passion to create that keeps this world sane. Passion gives us purpose. Passion drives the world forward.

You are meant to create, to move, to inspire, to challenge, to leave a legacy.


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