i want to know there are people who know how to flirt with their inner monsters. i want to be around people who know how to absorb all the bullshit in their lives and transform it into art, who are brave enough to take their monsters by the hand and teach them how to dance.i want to be around people who are alive, who know how to stay alive.

Talking to someone that I used to share a huge part of my life with for the first time In a long time feels like everything around me is coming alive, like the storm is over. There will always be a sense of belonging in people who know about my secrets and my dark moments and everything in between. All these people are a part of me. It’s like a part of me has come back to me to say, “hey, I know you and I haven’t touched base lately, but I want you to know that I am here, and that I love you, and that despite everything we have been through, I do not judge you. I value you. And I will always look after you.” All these people represent the person I was back then. They remind me of the friend I was,the sort of feelings that i had. They represent that everything is slightly different but mostly the same. These people – they remind me that beyond my daily life of anxiety and goals and fleeting moments, there is a sense of infinitude in this world. And I have found it in these people, I have found it in me.

I believe people are angels.

do you ever flip a page of a book and feel like you’re entering a whole new world, and there is a huge rush of emotion that comes with that realization? sometimes I turn the page and it automatically feels lighter, or darker, literally, and I don’t know why. this is why I love books, books of all shapes, books like memoirs, poetry books, novels, picture books, magazines, I love them all. they’re such big worlds that come in small packages. it amazes me every time how much impact art has on me.

everything, at its core, is connected. i think it is important to treat others like they are our brothers and sisters. we need each other. there is nothing more comforting to know that when the storm comes again that we have each other. that things may get tough, but they become easy because we are not alone.

i love the world because everything reminds me of you. i can never get away from you. i can never outrun these feelings. i am always running towards you, i swear. even if it doesn’t seem like it, i am. i am. i am. i am in love with the world because i am in love with you.

1. i think anything is possible as long as you’re happy.
2. my life dream is to be the best mom and wife.
3. i am more likely to descend into a child than ascend into an adult. and i think that’s what it means to transcend.
4. i still want to travel the world, i still want to live a thousand lives, and i think being exposed to different cultures is the best way to live all those lives.
5. i love him, i love my boyfriend, i love that guy, i love this everything.
6. everything is energy. we are reflections of everything around us. how much of ourselves is really ours?
7. i am alive. and this makes me wants to dance. play on repeat.

i want my life to be one big whole story of how i can’t sleep because i’m too happy. i want to feel like that, because it’s such a true measure of existing in the moment. i want to be taken away by time.


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